Only the human friendly will thrive

Today, people expect more from their brands. Those expectations may seem unreasonable but they have been reset for good. Brands can no longer draw comfort from being a bit better than their direct competitors or doing what they’ve always done. They need a new playbook to not just meet but set new expectations. To be human friendly not just human like.

Chapter is a new type of creative studio focused on designing soulful brands that thrive in today’s world of unreasonable expectations. We focus our energy on rethinking products, communications and the way they work together to bring brands to life in more joyful, unexpected and human friendly ways.

We do this by colliding commercial and brand rigor, human empathy and multidisciplinary design to help businesses seize the right opportunity, reset their direction and reinvent themselves and the categories they operate in.


Gareth Kay

Founding Partner

Ex-Chief Strategy Officer of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. Left a 20-year career at some of the world’s best ad agencies to apply strategic creativity more expansively. Failed musician.


Neil Robinson

Founding Partner

Ex-ECD AKQA San Francisco. After helping to build one of the best agencies in the world for 17 years hit the reset button to build something from the ground up that's designed to do the right thing.


Our experience has led us to do things a bit differently. We act as an agent of change not an agency of record. We’re obsessed in finding the human opportunity or problem and solving or seizing it in whatever shape it takes. We break down silos. We move fast. We’re open. We show the thing. We’re fearless, optimistic explorers of the path less traveled.

We Partner with Pioneers

  • Google
    go to market
  • Airbnb
    brand design
  • Sonos
  • Dropbox
    product strategy
  • Oculus
    experience design
  • Uber
    communications design
  • Domo
    story design
  • Kodak
    end to end experience
  • Facebook
    brand design
  • PayPal
    product design
  • Target
    End To End Experience
  • Pillpack
    go to market

The work we do makes it difficult to share what we're up to publicly.

For a private viewing of these projects, please contact us.

We partner with a select number of changemakers who know they need to change what they do to meet the unreasonable expectations people have today

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Some Things We Make

  • Experiences
  • Products
  • Systems
  • Campaigns
  • Environments
  • Prototypes
  • Events
  • Documentaries

Curious, optimistic, misfits wanted


We’re a bunch of designers, writers, producers and strategists restlessly dissatisfied with how brands, agencies and consultancies act today. If you feel like you’re a misfit, let’s change things together.

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